Service Providers

Rapid service deployment for Instore solutions

PPaaS enables the rapid deployment of payment and commerce services at the point of payment by leveraging existing infrastructure without the need for complex updates

  • Leverage an existing cloud based infrastructure to deploy services onto an existing installed base of payment devices
  • Implement centrally payment and commerce services then configure their acceptance to create a compelling Instore value proposition for merchants

Expand the distribution of services via existing Instore payment devices

Access a global network of acquirers, processors, gateways and ISVs and their installed base of Instore payment solutions

  • Widen the distribution of services for Instore propositions by accessing a wide range of payment devices locally, regionally or globally
  • Reach new distribution channels by working with Ingenico Clients to enrich the product proposition for their merchants

Scalable distribution for international clients

PPaaS allows for easy distribution at scale, and gives Solution Providers access to an international client base

  • Scale the distribution of services by leveraging an existing central access point to push services to connected In-Store payment devices
  • Reach new markets regionally and/or internationally to market service

Omnichannel proposition for Clients and their Merchants

PPaaS simplifies the provision of a seamless Omnichannel proposition, helping Service Providers to support their Customers independent of the distribution path

  • Leverage PPaaS to support Clients and their Merchants across all distribution channels
  • Utilize the cloud based PPaaS infrastructure to enable a seamless Consumer experience irrespective of the distribution channel

Enrich your product offering through networking

PPaaS lets Service Provider leverage the Ecosystem to engage with each other to build new partnerships for their Customers

  • Leverage the PPaaS Ecosystem to connect with payment and commerce services that compliment your value proposition
  • Build partnerships with Service Provider to establish new marketing and distribution possibilities for your products
  • Utilize pre-built connections to simplify the addition of new services and enrich the Client and Merchant value proposition
PPaas Core Services

Why choose PPaaS

PPaaS accompanies its clients in creating the right solutions to offer to different verticals

PPaaS mutualizes access to Solution Providers specialized in industry verticals, reducing costs and accelerating access