Who do we serve?

PPaas Banks & Acquirers

Banks & Acquirers

  • PPaaS speeds up onboarding and reduces operating and capital costs while bringing systems up to date
  • Provides easy access to the payments ecosystem at the point of sale, meaning new services can be enabled on any terminal quickly and easily
  • Reduces churn and increases revenues by bringing new value propositions to merchants


  • PPaaS enables any ISV to provide a complete solution to their customers, incl. payment devices, card acceptance  and commerce services
  • PPaaS enables ISVs to integrate payments and other commerce services into a solution quickly, securely and without the need for lengthy certification.
  • PPaaS allows ISVs to seamlessly utilize the latest range of Android Payment Devices to co-locate their business applications with payment and commerce services
PPaas ISVs
PPaas Services Providers

Service Providers

  • PPaaS enables rapid deployment of payment and commerce services onto  payment terminals by leveraging an existing infrastructure to push functionality to merchants
  • Accessing a global network of acquirers, processors, gateways and ISVs and their installed base of In-Store payment solution
  • PPaaS simplifies the provision of a seamless Omnichannel proposition, helping Service Providers to support their Customers independent of the distribution path