Food & Beverage


PPaas Use Case Food and Beverage


Food & Beverage Solution Management


Operational efficiency, Customer order management

How does PPaaS help?

  • Integrate with all the leading POS systems to enable order taking, payment on the same terminal and also with delivery applications and meal voucher closed-loop solutions 
  • Payment through different channels : Pay-at-table, APMs such as Alipay, loyalty, charity donations or tips
  • One stop-shop reducing complexity
  • Detailed transaction reporting  

Benefits for Merchant

  • Easy integration of new sources of revenue
  • Operational efficiency with one terminal performing all tasks at a lower cost
  • Revenue enhancement tools: APMs, loyalty, promotions etc

Benefits for Acquirers

  • Segmented & customised offer
  • Improved customer retention
  • Scope to increase revenues per customer via additional services, additional terminals