Core Services


PPaas Core Services

PPaaS’ Core Services are an important technical component of the PPaaS system. They enable the management of payment devices (stock creation and management) and configuration of PPaaS services on devices.


Core Services are used to manage accounts, merchants and their subscriptions using PPaaS’ APIs.

Provision new merchants, manage merchants, stores & terminals

Provisioning in PPaaS involves the process of creating, maintaining, updating, and deleting a merchant, label, organization, store, physical and logical devices.

In addition, PPaaS provides suitable use cases to establish links between organizations and devices, logical and physical devices, and much more. A key feature of PPaaS’ architecture is the separation of physical and ‘logical’ devices.

This creates a configuration of the device that is independent of the actual terminal itself, allowing the same configuration to be retained as devices are changed or upgraded.

This is a radically new approach to how devices are provisioned in the industry.

Manage service catalogues for merchants

All the services of PPaaS are available in the form of catalogues. These are accessed through PPaaS’ APIs. PPaaS offers 2 types of catalogues:

  • PPaaS catalogue (PPaaS catalogue are setup by PPaaS for acquirers and ISVs to subscribe to a PPaaS service)
  • Merchant catalogue (acquirers and ISVs can customise and setup merchant catalogues to be consumed by their merchants)

Manage client and Merchants' users

PPaaS User Management APIs enable configure of standard user management controls.

Manage subscriptions for merchants

Merchants need to subscribe to PPaaS services in order to use them. Merchants can either subscribe to packages at the time of merchant onboarding, or add/remove a package from their subscriptions later on.

Configure services for merchants

Configure client subscriptions, and merchant's subscriptions

PPaaS provides a Configuration service for each of the PPaaS services. These configurations can be set up for all merchants or for only a specific merchant, store, or device.