Soft POS

PPaas Soft Pos

Soft POS is a software-based solution for payments acceptance that uses the NFC capabilities of a regular – Android – smartphone or tablet to accept payments.

PPaaS recently acquired phos to provide best-in-class, secure and highly flexible Soft POS solution to a large number of acquirers and PSPs while complying with the highest standards of payment security.


A Simple and Secure Solution for Digital Payments

In response to consumer demand, merchants who habitually accepted most of their payments in cash are increasingly seeing the need – and the advantages – of accepting digital payments. There are many obvious examples of this:

  • Tradespeople can accept payments for services at the point of delivery,
  • Pop-up stores can be equipped independently of the main outlet.
  • Small or occasional businesses can test the payment waters before investing further if demand justifies it.

Soft POS technology allows these segments to take their first steps in payments acceptance simply, securely, and economically.

With a full suite of services available, including acquirer integration and certification as a service,phos brings new connectivity options quickly, easily and securely to its partners. The solution enables any contactless form of card payment from the main international payment schemes as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay and QR code-based payments.

The phos app is available for multiple user interfaces, offering both dynamic branding based on the user profile and a white-label version. 

In-store Use Cases

New and innovative businesses can simply enable tap to pay through their own solution using phos. For example, sales associates can be equipped with a Soft POS enabled device and accept payments without the need for customers to go to a checkout line. 

As a device agnostic solution, PPaaS is ideally suited to Soft POS environments, extending the range of payment and commerce services usually available to this market segment.