Omnichannel Payment Services

PPaas Omnichannel Payment Services

Combining payment solutions and third-party services, PPaaS enables a truly seamless omnichannel commerce and payment ecosystem, bridging the gap between instore and online, and delivering a consistent customer journey across any shopping channel.



With Tokenisation as a Service, the payment card can become a customer’s unique identifier in a fully secure and compliant environment, enhancing the possibility of interacting with that customer at critical moments in their purchasing journey.

Because the point of sale becomes a place of interaction, rather than just transaction, not only can customers earn loyalty points without having to produce their loyalty card, they can also be offered other products and services, such as product insurance, before they complete their purchase. 

Omnichannel services offer the capability to combine multiple channels when processing a payment transaction. A card sale on a device can be cancelled or refunded on the web channel by integrating the relevant endpoints of the PPaaS payment API. This is especially beneficial when customers come back to the store to return a product. No need for merchants to ask them to insert or tap their card.

Card sale transactions

  • Cancel by web is available as long as capture has not been triggered, and the transaction was not previously cancelled
  • Refund by web is available partially or fully after capture is confirmed and as long as the transaction is not fully refunded.