Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

PPaas Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

PPaaS administered terminals are compliant with DCC and are enabled with currencies across the globe, meaning the terminals auto-identify the home currency of the customer. 


Exact exchange rate

Customers shop and pay in their home currency using a defined exchange rate for their transaction. The digital or print receipt also displays the same details, in their home currency, removing ambiguity.

The currency conversion details are upfront, and customers do not have to wait for the billing cycle to review the transaction statement.

  • The PPaaS configuration setup for the merchant identifies the DCC request from the terminal or online portal and routes the transaction to the DCC provider.  
  • The response from PPaaS DCC is transparent, showing the exact exchange rate and is also able to identify any errors such as unknown currency, card incompatibility, amount above the permissible limit, etc.
  • Welcoming international customers with PPaaS DCC enablement increases business opportunities for merchants.