Bank Card Payment

ppaas bank card payment

The PPaaS Payment API allows all major global card payment methods to be accepted in-store from a payment application running on a payment device, in the cloud, or from a payment gateway.



Payment acceptance

Payment acceptance with debit and credit cards leverages the following payment technologies from a payment device:

  • Contact or chip & pin
  • Contactless
  • Magstripe

Card payment operations

Card payment operations include:

Initiate a sale transaction: Initiates a standard payment transaction.
Capture transaction: The capture can be done on the total amount or on a partial amount, and the capture request will trigger the settlement and transfer of funds.
Cancel transaction: Cancellation can be full or partial, prior to capture. Acceptance of a partial cancellation depends on the acquirer's capability to process partial cancellations.
Refund a transaction: Any transaction can be refunded once it has been captured.
Manual Keyed Entry (MKE) payment: Can be used when the payment device fails to obtain the card details from the card's chip or magnetic stripe.
Find the status of a transaction: Transactions can be traced using the Transaction ID. Data returned includes details of the transaction and the list of all events associated with it.