Alternative Payment Methods

PPaas Alternative Payment Methods

There is an ever-growing number of alternative payment methods (APMs) catering to different markets and segments. PPaaS’ thin client technology makes it quick and easy to deploy a new payment method for a specific demographic, a specific geography, a specific acquirer or a specific merchant.


The PPaaS Payment API enables acceptance of different APMs from the payment application running on a payment device or in the cloud or from the payment gateway.

For APM payment services, the following service option parameters can be configured:

  • Device Supported : Android and Tetra.
  • Payment method supported : Alipay, PayPal (this list is constantly being updated to include local APMs in individual markets).
  • Transaction Type supported: Sale, Cancel and Refund.


Payment scenario

Indicates the type of payment scenario mode supported in case the payment method offers more than one.

  • Merchant Scan: The merchant scans a QR code that the APM displays (usually on the consumers mobile phone).
  • Consumer Scan: The consumer scans a QR code for the given APM displayed by the terminal.
  • The use of one or other, (or both) of these methods is determined by the APM and is fully configurable by the acquirer/merchant.