Payment Services


Bank Card Payment

The PPaaS Payment API allows all global card payment methods to be accepted in-store from a payment application running on a payment device, in the cloud, or from a payment gateway.

Payment acceptance with debit and credit cards leverages the following payment technologies from a payment device:

  • Contact or chip & pin
  • Contactless
  • Magstripe
ppaas bank card payment
PPaas Omnichanel Payment services

Omnichannel Payment Services

Combining payment solutions and third-party services, PPaaS enables a truly seamless omnichannel commerce and payment ecosystem, bridging the gap between instore and online, and delivering a consistent customer journey across any shopping channel.

With Tokenisation as a Service, the payment card can become a customer’s unique identifier in a fully secure and compliant environment, enhancing the possibility of interacting with that customer at critical moments in their purchasing journey.

Alternative Payment Methods

There is an ever-growing number of alternative payment methods (APMs) catering to different markets and segments. 

PPaaS’ thin client technology makes it quick and easy to deploy a new payment method for a specific demographic, a specific geography, a specific acquirer or a specific merchant.

PPaas-Alternative Payment Methods
PPaas Soft Pos

Soft POS

Phos provides best-in-class, secure and highly flexible Soft POS solution to a large number of acquirers and PSPs.

This eliminates the need for a dedicated terminal, allowing easy acceptance in a secure environment at minimal cost.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

PPaaS administered terminals are compliant with DCC and are enabled with currencies across the globe, meaning the terminals auto-identify the home currency of the customer. 

Customers shop and pay in their home currency with the exact exchange rate and merchant rate details for the transaction. The digital or print receipt also displays the same details without any ambiguity.

PPaas Dynamic Currency
PPaas Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

BNPL allows consumers to purchase products and services and pay for them later in instalments. 

It is an easy-to-use, transparent mode of payment that provides seamless integration together with a positive customer experience.

Smart Routing

PPaaS solution can optimise acceptance rates and costs by routing transactions to specific acquiring platforms based on pre-defined rules

It allows to improve flexibility & bargaining power by switching to a new acquirer overnight, with no on-site intervention. 

PPaas Smart Routine
PPaas Tokenisation


PPaaS delivers Tokenisation Services that allow certain transactions to be performed without direct access to sensitive information such as card data. 

The data is securely stored and transmitted not in its ‘readable’ form but as a ‘token’ that maps back to stored data. This eases compliance with PCI-DSS. As an example, tokenisation is commonly used in certain loyalty scenarios.