Device Management

PPaas-Terminal Management

Terminal Management

Payment application is the endpoint application that processes the payment and related services, and often handles most of the security of the payment, the user interfaces with the consumer, and possibly with the merchant too.

  • Software Applications Download
  • Parameters Management
  • MDM for Android
  • OS Update

Remote Key Injection

  • PCI PIN certified solution to remotely inject keys in terminals which are deployed on the field.
  • Key injection task creation / modification / deletion.
  • Key injection task can be assigned to 1 single terminal, a group of terminals or a full estate.
PPaas Remote Key Injection
PPaas Terminal Maintenance

Terminal Maintenance

PPaaS Device Management Services supports the ability to connect non-Ingenico devices to the platform so that customers can have a single interface for managing all their devices in the field

  • Terminal Diagnostic
  • Asset Tracking
  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Heartbeat/Alerting