Commerce Services

PPaas-Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts

Compared to paper receipts, digital receipts are easier to store and more convenient to find, reduce paper-related costs, and have a positive impact on sustainability.

PPaaS offers various channels for merchants to share the digital receipt with the consumer including SMS, email, and QR code.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is key to better understanding and analysing the transaction activity on a merchant’s POI

It delivers real-time information and reports on payment transactions (not sales transactions) that have occurred on the POI, regardless of the payment processing status. 

PPaas-Advanced Reporting
PPaas Loyalty CLO

Loyalty CLO Services

PPaaS makes new technologies and instore payment orchestration, previously limited to large retailers, accessible for smaller merchants.


Gift Card Services

Gift cards – both digital and physical – are increasingly important components of a retailer’s distribution strategy. 

They offer a way for stores to boost sales, and some even give users upfront discounts at the point of purchase.

PPaas Gift Card