Business Solutions

PPaas Payment Services

Payment Services

One of the main functions of PPaaS is to provide a global and comprehensive payment acceptance solution fitting various channels. 

Commerce Services

PPaaS aims to deliver innovative and high value-added services first at the POI, then on other endpoints. As the solution life cycle progresses, more services would be added as our eco-system grows based on both internal developments but also though the integration of services provided by our partners. 

PPaas Commerce Services
PPaas Device Management

Device Management

PPaaS’ device management solution delivers software provisioning, parameter management, terminal remote diagnostics and terminal lifecycle management. PPaaS’ Device Management Service is device agnostic: it is not limited to Ingenico Terminals.


Core Services

PPaaS’ Core Device Management Service is an important technical component of the PPaaS system. It allows clients to manage their stock of payment devices (stock creation and management) and to enable PPaaS services on devices.

PPaas Core Services