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PPaas  About us
In 2020, Ingenico launched PPaaS, its Payments Platform as a Service solution. Built on a completely new cloud-based technology stack, PPaaS is a key component in the evolution of the Point of Sale (POS) into an ecosystem enabler.

PPaaS is a suite of payment and commerce services that combines proprietary solutions for managing terminals with third-party applications and alternative payment methods such as Alipay. The cloud-based platform is developer-focused and device agnostic, meaning it can work with any payment terminal, beyond the 35 million Ingenico POS around the world. Acquirers, Payment Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can choose, integrate and manage the services their merchants need for instore payments. The platform’s design makes this a far quicker and easier proposition than any current technologies available. In a world where customer segmentation is increasingly reflected in how customers pay for what they buy, agility in incorporating these services is a key differentiator in the payments value chain.

Although online payment orchestration has developed extensively for online retailing in recent years, instore orchestration and the ability to create seamless, omnichannel commerce solutions for customers has yet to fully materialise. PPaaS, with its unrivalled ability to connect to instore POS terminals, will enable this and change the way we pay. PPaaS also goes further, integrating with retailers’ online commerce and payments services to enable a true omnichannel customer experience and turn the payment experience from a point of transaction to a point of interaction.