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Introducing PPaaS.

We are removing friction for banks, acquirers, gateways, ISVs and solution integrators. We empower our partners to turn their payment solutions into fully-featured commerce solutions for their merchant customers.

Meet PPaaS, the Payments Platform as a Service

Our ambition

We are building a cloud-based Payments Platform as a Service (PPaaS) that empowers our ecosystem of clients and partners to offer their merchant customers state-of-the-art payment and commerce solutions available anytime, anywhere.

Set the foundation for a digital service delivery

We provide a fully digital experience to our partners, enabling them to easily manage the complexity of their payment operations and seamlessly orchestrate their payment and commerce services across all merchant channels.

Play the ecosystem

Our partners can access a unified digital catalogue of commerce services offered by our global partners, enriching their offering and taking their customers’ business to the next level.

Leverage data as a business enabler

We offer a unified and consolidated view of aggregated transactional data across all channels, empowering our partners to provide performance improvement insights to their merchant customers.

PPaaS connects all partners to an integrated ecosystem and enables them to deliver advanced payment and commerce services to their merchants.

Built for Payment Players, ISVs and Commerce Services

Payment Services

Payment services required by a Merchant, from "classic" payment service (EMV, etc.) to alternative and advanced payment solutions.

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Commerce Services

Access to a range of services provided by third parties can be orchestrated with the payments application to enrich the payment experience. Services help merchants secure, grow and create their revenue streams.

Device Management Services

Provides the Merchant Aggregator with all the tools needed to manage efficiently and easily its' terminal estate. It also includes the RKI solution that guarantees terminal security over time.

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